The Descendants of Fate

The Adventure Log
A record of the campaign

What is The Adeventure Log?

The Adventure log is the record, kept by the DM, of the weekly going-ons of the campaign

What do we use The Adventure Log for?

The Adventure log can be used to recap events that happened every week, keep information that is necessary to the plot straight, and generally be used as a living record of the campaign

How do I read The Adventure Log?

The Adventure Log can be found on The Adventure Log or by navigating to the Adventure Log tab.

How is The Adventure Log set up?

The Adventure Log will have three sections: Timeline, campaign events, and Out of Character (OOC) notes. The Timeline will help us know when/where the events of the day transpired and the campaign events will be a brief summary of the action of the day. OOC Notes are for anything we need to write down about gameplay (Rulings, character decisions, acts of god) so that we can go back and remember them later.


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