The Origin of Everything

In the beginning there was Gaia, who wept for the loss of her husband Ban and through her tears created the universe and each tear drop created gods and their worlds and worlds atop or worlds. He tears created different gods that represented the great attributes of her husband: Faith, Drive, Strength, Beauty, & Intelligence
For Eons these five children live in harmony until one day the four realized that faith was gaining an upper hand in the dealings of the group. It seemed that Faith would become the overlord of the group and they would not stand for it. Drive was convinced that no one would be successful if Faith took the order of things out of balance, so she summoned her brother strength to convince Beauty and Intelligence to join them in splitting faith in two; the split would lull her power and create balance again.
They agreed on the 3500 Moon of Gaia that they would seize the opportunity to split faith into. It was Intelligence that came along with the strategy and Drive who pushed strength into action. Only Beauty, on the day of the event could not go though with the act, instead she hugged the many tables of the gods and cried as her mother once did.
What happened was horrific: The three ripped apart faith casting it a side. At first they thought they had killed faith but in actuality they had given birth to two new Gods. The remnants of the faith turned into Magic and the parts severed became the God Chaos.
What happened until the Next Moon of Gaia was a great civil war among the gods: with the four original Gods on one side and the two new Gods on the other. The plans of the gods backfired as Magic and Chaos were much stronger than their sister Faith. The four original siblings were defeated.
It was at this time Gaia stepped in an created a truce. Her intervention was a stern message to all of her six children now.
She saw the danger of Chaos and Magic being combined once again so she separated them as far as she could, and even making a warning that if they ever shall join a far greater war would break out. So, to help curb this danger she drew two realities from each of the four original Gods and created a seventh child: Balance. Balance was to be present to make sure that the gods kept in an manner of cooperation and also to distance Magic from Chaos.
This separating of the children gods did not go without great consequence for the four plotters: Drive, who was the Ban attribute to never give up and always make better, became Greed and soon realized he needed Balance to keep his realities moving in a positive direction. Strength, who was the Ban attribute of courage and power turned into War, who needed Balance to keep himself from self destructing and isolating himself from the others, and Intelligence, who was Ban attribute of knowing all the thoughts of all the worlds, turned into knowledge, who now thirsted to learn all that they had lost and used balance to remind him that he had a higher purpose, and finally poor beauty, who had no participation in the original plot yet gave a part of her self, she is still beautiful but in her reality is a black spot that makes her blind to many things and many things blind of her.
Balance found that her realities had combinations of many of the other attributes and is always finding new discoveries in her new universes.
Magic finds their realities still have a strong faith in their gods but also powerful magic as well.
Chaos finds her realities the war torn spaces of the great splitting and subsequent civil wars.